# 2 Resumes vs CVs, simply put!

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Resumes vs CVs, simply put!
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About the episode

Whether you are looking to apply for a scholarship/fellowship program, an internship or a job, a well-written Resume or CV is something you may want to invest time and effort in. Often times people get confused when it comes to which term to use: Resume vs. CV. You might be wondering what could be the difference. I, myself, was confused years ago back when I was still an undergraduate and was asked to put together a summary of my educational and professional qualifications and experiences for a scholarship program I was applying to. This episode is a great roadmap for anyone who is looking into how to write a good and strong Resume and CV for a job, internship, or scholarship/fellowship application.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Differences between Resumes and CVs
  • Design and structure
  • Content: section by section explanation
  • How to write a strong Resume
  • How to write a strong CV

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